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Tiny Nayika Pendant & Chain

Tiny Nayika Pendant & Chain

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The very loved form of Nayika is reincarnated in Sterling Silver. Presented as a tiny charm, the piece is multi-dimensional and can be worn flipped on either side.

It is paired with an adjustable snake chain. 

The shape comes from a 5th-century sculpture from Mathura of the Abhisarika Nayika a.k.a the heroine who dares. This depiction of our foremother is soft and yet, the form depicts a lady so driven by her passion that she heads out in a storm to claim the night. Forever monumentalizing a figure that is undeniably sensual, beautiful and powerful. Maybe the lady in the sculpture would have Body Dysmorphia if she lived in 2023. Maybe so many of us look like this lady but are unable to tap into the gaze and look at ourselves as lush and strong.

Pendant- 2 x 1.5 x 1

Chain- 52-70 cm adjustable


The piece was intentionally left unplated. This allows the piece to be dynamic. If left uncovered- exposed to air and moisture, it will eventually begin to oxidise. If worn regularly, the natural oils from your skin make the piece lustrous.

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