The collection is a manifestation of an afternoon spent by the ocean. The muse is a full-bodied fisherwoman draped in fabric and beads. She smells like coconut and a touch of umami. She walks onto the beach with a basket on her head filled with curiosities. In her basket, you find adornments that she gathered from the ocean.  

New Hairpins

Seep Hairpin

Hair accessories for the water babies.

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New Earrings

Drift Danglers

Shaped by hand and made in brass.

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NEW Rings


Made with real shells and recycled metals.

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The artist spent 18 months in Jaipur City immersed in how jewels are made. The collection is called Rivers because they flow. This collection is a result of techniques learnt over time. Importance was placed in the surface textures and weights of each piece to reflect the artist’s values.

Sterling Silver


Iconic silver pendants at adjustable lengths.


Sterling Silver


This series of rings are chunks of solid Silver. The Rivers' rings are androgynous and come in a range of inclusive sizes.


Sterling Silver


Handcrafted in Silver, these pieces are light weight and unique



Inside is a peep into the artist’s fantasy. It is their dressing room where they explore themselves, unfiltered. The walls are filled with mirages and mirrors, making it a space for self-reflection and illusions. 

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