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Drift Bangles- Set Of 3

Drift Bangles- Set Of 3

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The Drift bangles are an ode to floating driftwood from the sea. Its smooth surface and organic shape is home to many sea critters. They are a set of 3 bangles. The piece is shaped by hand and cast in brass. 

Product Details

- Handmade in Brass

-This set of 3 is mismatched and plated with a protective layer of brass to highlight the metal's soft glow.

- Care: We believe that Jewels should go on adventures with you. The more you use it, the more you imprint on your piece and begin to the earthy colours of the brass underneath. To maintain its original finish- it must be handled with love, kept away from moisture and stored in airtight bags (like the one your jewellery came in). If you'd like to repair your piece or learn more about how to take care of it, reach out to us!

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